Spirit Heart Sanctuary                                       

Non-Profit for a Venu of Spirit Offierings                                                        




  History of Spirit Heart Sanctuary


Spirit Heart Sanctuary was founded in 1995 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry under the Church of Antioch by Maia and Simeon Nartoomid.

Maia's spiritual work with the Akashic Records and her inner-planes mentor THOTH began essentially in 1967 and more officially in 1977. Prior to 1995 Simeon was engaged as an energy healer and activator who used sound healing technologies as part of his spiritual work. He was also a teacher, intuitive, universal visionary, author and wise soul.

In 2009 Maia and Simeon dissolved their martial relationship but continued to live and work together on Kaua'i for awhile. As of 2014 Simeon currently lives in the UK, while Maia currently remains on Kaua'i. Simeon is no longer using Spirit Heart Sanctuary as a vehicle of expression for his work. He does maintain a guiding presence as a board member, officer, technical advisor and dear friend of Maia's. He also still manages the books and more structured and governmental business aspects of the organization.

Maia's portal website to all her various internet presences is New EarthStar Merkabah.

Simeon's current internet offerings (not affiliated with Spirit Heart Sanctuary):
Cosmic Consciousness Online & Cosmic Nexus.


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