Spirit Heart Sanctuary                                       

Non-Profit for a Venu of Spirit Offierings                                                        





Our organized purpose is "to hold and expand awareness of the Divine Presence on and in the earth; and to facilitate individual experience of deepening states of inner peace emanating from the personal, collective and universal sanctuary of the spirit heart, thereby manifesting Christ consciousness (unconditional love and compassion) more fully and completely in the universe, and peace on earth."

Spirit Heart Sanctuary is therefore conducting a "Ministry of Presence." Within this overall focus we wish to offer you a deepening sense of connection to Spirit. It is through a deepening connection with the inner sanctum we refer to as our "spirit heart" that we can come to experience the "peace that passeth all understanding," and thus contribute to a lasting world peace.

It is through deepening our individual experience of inner peace first and foremost, that we can contribute most constructively and powerfully to world peace. From a deepening connection to our spirit heart - the spiritual dimension of our heart - we find greater resonance with the one universal heart of God-Spirit-Source that abides within us all. To the degree that this state of peace exists within us, we contribute to world peace simply by BEING here. All other efforts towards world peace are most effectively performed from a platform of inner peace. This creates for us a New Earth within as well as without and brings us to the Ascension we have been waiting for...here and NOW in the heart!


As co-founder and now sole orchestrator of SPIRIT HEART SANCTUARY, I, Maia Nartoomid have various websites and blogs which offer my akashic (energy records of the Earth) writings of over 45 years and my visionary art. While many focuses of Spirit are addressed in these writings, the core always returns to the above purpose of "Ministry of Presence."

To find links to all my webs, blogs and core material as well as my bio, please go to the hub website for my work, which is the NEW EARTHSTAR MERKABAH.

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